Thursday, February 10, 2011

Portrait Painting Revision - Which one do you like better?

Tim Widener has made a huge revision in the portrait painting.  As any artist knows, the painting is not complete until it leaves the studio.  I am posting both versions and would like to hear other artists choices on which version they like the best.

Before above

There is a major change in the facial expression, repositioning of the background reflection and more flowers added.

I would love to hear your comments here or on my Earthy Visions Studio on Facebook.


Steve PP said...

I prefer the top painting for the way that the figure stands out, due to the simpler background, and I like the expression more on the bottom painting!
Good work!

Lily LaFollette - Earthy Visions LLC said...

I will be posting yet another revision soon. The background has changed along with some other items.

Anonymous said...

I think the top painting is more interesting, with the sharp reflection and the thoughtful expression. However, I understand if you, the model, prefers the bottom painting, with it's slight smile, it may be more flattering and more pleasing with the additional flowers, like a greeting card.

Brad Miedema said...

Wonderful work Lily!

I think I would have to say I prefer the top painting. I like the reflection and I also like the vertical stripe along the side. It seems to move my eye through the piece. The color also seems to be more vibrant.

I do like the painting below as well. There is a change of feeling that I get from this one. Almost as if it takes place outdoors, with the pastel tones or brightness of sunlight shinning throughout the piece.

Natalie said...

I prefer the second painting--without those darks in the background, my attention is drawn more easily to the subject--and I like her expression much more in the second one.