Sunday, March 28, 2010


Whew, I've been (mostly) away from the computer to tackle the revamping of my two small studios.  They were so out of control that I was finding myself procrastinating on my artwork due to the fact that by the time I even found what I needed, my time to spend there was ultimately interrupted by something else.  The rooms were so out of control:  things piled everywhere, pencils, inks, paint HERE THERE and EVERYWHERE.  I couldn't even do a good cleaning due to the clutter.

So..... I started with one room, pulled EVERYTHING out and then purchased some organizational pieces and proceeded to scrutenize everything that went back in.  Some things I knew that I would never use or get to or in some cases even want because I outgrew them.  I couldn't believe the things I had from 15 years ago that finally seen the light of day.  It was like an archeological adventure, unearthing the treasures of the past.

One group that will be happy is the Fowlerville Senior Center.  I have a huge box of books, painting projects, wood pieces to paint, acrylic and fabric paint etc that will keep them busy for awhile.   The last time I made a donation, they sent me a thank you card for the 250 bottles of decorative acrylic paint.

Now, in one studio I can draw and do watercolor.  Everything that pertains to that is nicely organized by paint, pencils, ink in easy to access drawers.  The other studio is organized for my oil painting and still life setups.

It is amazing the effect the rooms have on my creativity.  I have composed a black and white drawing on an idea I have for a painting started and have eyed an oil painting (that was buried) from last year and targeted it for completion. 

Nothing left to stop me now!