Sunday, July 26, 2009

Facebook and Twitter Seminar with Dee Overly

Dee Overly has done it again.... amazing me with her in depth teachings on Facebook and Twitter. If anyone can delve into the depths and hidden treasures of something, she can!

Again, I came away from her seminar with a wealth of marketing information for my art business - Earthy Visions LLC.

I started right away honing in my accounts that I had just started prior to the workshop. You can see my Facebook and my Twitter pages by clicking these links. She makes traveling the internet a piece of cake. My earlier seminar with her was all about websites and it also was over the top.

I feel it is very important to keep yourself up to date on the internet wheels, not only to gain marketing exposure to sell your art but to deviate from the often lonely journey in creating your art, to gaining friendships and support to enhance your art travels.

She is having a repeat of this workshop on August 8th at the Riverside Art Center in Ypsilanti. You can get more information here: Facebook and Artists and at DeeOverly's website.

Upcoming: she will be giving a seminar artist websites. Plan to attend all of her workshops. She is an excellent instructor with affordable seminar fees.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Painting Paradise Holiday

Diane Rath invited me to participate in a Painting Paradise Holiday from Sunday thru Thursday on Mackinac Island. Several artists were painting the island with a frenzy. I had a wonderful time painting and exploring the island. I rode my bike and hiked all over to try to see it all.

I sold two plein air paintings, a 6 x 8 and and 8 x 10 to a newlywed couple. I met with a gallery owner to discuss my future participation in the gallery and I met several wonderful people that gave complementary comments on my paintings while I was painting.

On Thursday, I left Mackinac Island to travel up to Tahquamenon Falls in the UP. I marveled at the energy created by the huge falls and wanted to capture the wonderful ice tea colored water on canvas. I was completing a study on a 6 x 8 when a couple from England came by asking if my little painting would be for sale. Of course I sold it to them, giving them a box to keep it flat until it dried. Time was running short and I wanted to get so much in - I rowed to the other side of the falls, took many pictures of both sides and then - with a ravenous appetite - decided to try out the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery and Pub. The dining experience wonderful and the white fish was so fresh! The best white fish is in the UP! I decided to try the peach beer brew and was amazed at how yummy it was. Smooth, with a hint of peach.

From there I went up to Whitefish Point up on a tip of the peninsula. Waters are treacherous up there with high winds and a beach littered with weathered, driftwood like trees. There were amazing stones of all types being washed on shore. The wind was very cold, driving the huges waves crashing into the beach. They had a shipwreck museum there to explore along with a bird watching area, trails and a lighthouse.

The trip home included a stop in Petoskey for a stop at my favorite nature store. For grins, I stopped into a Ben Franklin and took advantage of a dent sale to pick up some Gamblin supplies and paint at less than 1/2 price. What a treat.

Everything seemed to fall into place, including selling some paintings. I went without any expectations other than to enjoy the beautiful Northern Michigan!

I would like to plan this trip again next year to reach some of the attractions that I missed on this go around. Something to look forward to in the cold winter to follow.